17. April 2020 in Press

Always driven by electricity – VDE report 02/2020

Always driven by electricity: VDE reports about INRO  

The INRO group has felt at home in electric mobility  for three decades and is one of the leading manufacturers of integrated safety and power controls for electromobile industrial vehicles. 

It is a success story: Established in Aschaffenburg as a student start-up for small-scale contract development, as an EMS provider the company today manufactures complete units and systems along the entire value chain. ”Electronic Manufacturing Services” (EMS) means carrying out the whole process of contract manufacturing of electronic units, devices and systems – from development to circuit board assembly, testing concepts and to global delivery. “Using vertical integration and continuously updating our know how, we offer our customers one-stop package solutions,” says Timo Leimann, Product Manager Electric Mobility/New Technologies. “The sophisticated technology is mainly used in our international customers’ industrial trucks.”

Increasing requirements

At the group’s headquarters in Stockstadt, 130 employees work in the departments research and development, hardware and software engineering, mechanical engineering as well as in manufacturing electronic units at present. “Offering all the relevant development and manufacturing processes from one source, we are highly flexible meeting high expectations in terms of safety technology and quality,” Leimann explains. With the power controls getting increasingly complex, the requirements get more demanding, and customers and users have high expectations with regard to the safety of the systems. The relevant standards EN 61508 and EN 13849 have been applied since 2004. Leimann continues, “We ensure a high level of safety integrity of our embedded systems through diverse redundancy, i.e. the multiple, diverse hardware setup and processing of safety functions on microcontrollers.” 

Support by the VDE

It is clear that the role of electric drives will become ever more important in future. Thus, the long-standing experience of INRO in the field of e-mobility can contribute to achieving Germany’s climate protection targets. “We always keep an eye on technological trends to ensure integration ability in line with market requirements,” says Leimann. The VDE plays a significant role in doing so by supporting the company regarding all the relevant issues such as functional safety, EMV and cyber security from developing a concept to certification of new products. (thb)

Three questions for Timo Leimann

What differentiates your company from your competition?

INRO is a dynamically growing technology company with long-standing industrial expertise in the field of functional safety and of power electronics for e-mobile industrial vehicles. With our blend of young talent and experienced colleagues, we have adopted a holistic approach to expand our know how systematically through all our employees’ creativity and ideas.

Why are you a member of VDE?

The VDE and its cross-industry network support our development and set a framework for having new products certified. In order to continue growing in new industries as well, we attach particular importance to collaborative partnership with the VDE.

What do you wish VDE Rhein-Main for the future?

That the network continues to grow; the members continue to benefit from the industrial knowledge, and the VDE to keep being an interface between the industry and politics helping make technical matters future-proof.


VDE Report 02/2020






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